Baby Development During Pregnancy

Baby Development During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments for the mothers, no doubt that she faces several difficulties during the whole process, but she forgets all the problems after giving birth to a healthy and beautiful baby. The first, second and third, all trimesters are highly important for the mothers. There is a great need to know about the Baby Development during all these trimesters. When you are about to complete your second trimester of pregnancy, you will feel the movements of your baby. This is one of the most interesting stages that every pregnant woman faces.

There are some developments that you will feel during the first three months of pregnancy. First of all, you will experience that your baby is growing very quickly, you will feel that his heart begins to beat. Also, the blood circulation will start around his body. The first trimester is important, because it starts to form the legs and arms. His appearance will begin and he or she will start to move. All these developments are the part of pregnancy and it gets started during the first month.

The second trimester has its own importance; it has different dimensions. The second three months of baby growth will make you feel that your baby is moving more forcefully. The Baby Development will go faster than the first trimester. The heartbeat can be heard through the ear trumpet, just take it near to your tummy and you will hear the voice. This stage develops two sections and form the hard palate in the mouth of your baby and it joins them together. This is a stage when the fingernails of your baby start to grow. He or she can hear the noise and his eyes are open.

Last and third trimester that is consist of the last three months of pregnancy develops the breathing movements of your baby. It fosters the skin to become a plane and smoother. During this period the wrinkle free skin gets progressed, alsonails and hair grow longer. This is the time when the skull of your baby gets harden and your body becomes rounder. After these important developments, your body will get plumper and it is ready for labour.

During the Baby Development process,you have to keep contact with your doctor. All three trimesters are very important and needs proper care. You have to pay regular visits to the doctor. He or she will check your blood pressure regularly and also monitor the heart rate of your baby. Many of the doctors take an ultrasound test to check that whether the development is going normal or not? Take healthy food and make yourself strong for the later stages and labour.

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