Basic Signs of Early Pregnancy in First Two Weeks

Basic Signs of Early Pregnancy in First Two Weeks

The irregular changing in the female reproductive system is basically a clear sign of early pregnancy, but sometimes the signs of pregnancy occur even before missed the monthly period. It is true that the early sign of pregnancy differs from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy. According to the medical experts, most women do not even feel any Signs of early Pregnancy until the fertilized egg inserts into the uterine wall, on average 6 to 12 days after ovulation.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or conceived already, it is very important to understand the signs of early pregnancy, because each symptom may be connected to something other than pregnancy.

Morning Sickness:

The morning sickness is also an authentic sign of early pregnancy. Approximately, every pregnant woman has to experience with the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, which is basically a sign to start taking better care of your health. The morning sickness in a woman usually starts from the fourth or sixth week of pregnancy and continue until twelfth month. Some women feel normal while the maximum number of women has to suffer with severe and painful conditions of vomiting and nausea. The hormonal changes and the lower blood sugar are believed to be the cause of morning sickness during the early pregnancy.

Food Hunger & Thirst:

It is often said that the increase of thirst and food cravings can be the early signs of pregnancy. This is in fact true, pregnant women feels more hunger and thirst, as a new life is getting growing in belly. Avoid taking poor diet, you should use healthy food. Prefer to eat fruits and nutrition, whenever you are getting Signs of early Pregnancy, you should start to use ad folic as per your doctor’s advice. It will keep you healthy and fresh, remember, you have to maintain your good health. Control the nutritional deficiency and avoid taking stress or depression.

Darkening Areolas:

The hormonal changing is the main indication that a women is pregnant. The skin around nipples gets darken and sometimes women get worried about this change, however it is a positive sign. Here it is important to brief that sometimes skin around the nipples gets darken because of hormonal imbalance or sometimes it occurs as a leftover effect of previous pregnancy.

Bleeding or Cramping:

The bleeding that start due to pregnancy called implantation bleeding, it is the sign that you are pregnant. It normally starts after six to twelve days after the conception. This process starts because of the embryo sets in the uterine wall and women experience implantation spotting. You don’t have to be worried if you are experiencing this situation, as this is a positive Signs of early Pregnancy.

Repeated Urination:

If the embryo grafts after conception, it means you are pregnant. You will feel changings in your body. Some of the signs already has discussed in the above paragraphs. Once you are pregnant, you will experience repeated urination. You will find yourself more frequent to the bathroom. Other than pregnancy, the frequent urination happens if you have urinary tract infections, increasing intake of liquid, excessive diuretics or you have diabetes.

Fatigue and Fuller breast:

No doubt that this is a very common factor that starts when a woman gets pregnant. Many women feel exhausted during the pregnancy. If you want to avoid a situation getting worse, you should keep yourself far away from the exhaustion, depression and stress, otherwise you will feel drained and ill. Fuller breasts are the most common indication of pregnancy. This is a Signs of early Pregnancy and changes may start as early as one to two weeks after conception. Consult with your doctor for more advices and perfect guidance, also keep in touch with this website for more useful information.

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