What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy?

What are the Early Signs of Pregnancy

When a woman gets pregnant, she feels some signs and changing in the body. You have been trying to get pregnant, you need to know about the Early signs of Pregnancy. It is highly important for you, so that you need to go for a test done. Some women feel very early signs of pregnancy and many experience just a couple of signs. From the time of outset, the process takes nearly 5 to 7 days for the embryo to move down the fallopian tube and insert in the uterine lining. During this process, there are some hormonal changes that occur in the body and make a woman finally pregnant. Knowing about the early signs is very important, because from here you will start high care of yourself. Some of the early signs of pregnancy are given below:

Elevated Temperature:

In result of pregnancy development, the body temperature rises and it stays about the time of ovulation. This called one of the early pregnancy signs, it remains elevated during the period and throughout normal menstruation time. You should have a clue about the normal temperature before the pregnancy, as it will help you to know about the increase in radical body temperature.

Tiredness and Lethargy:

This is the most noted sign of pregnancy, you may find that you are strangely tired. The sleeping pattern will change and you will feel fatigued more than normal. All this happens because your hormone level is changing and you are adapting the new levels. You will feel asleep earlier in the morning and your sleeping time will change. Tiredness and lethargy are the most important Early signs of Pregnancy, as your body is working really very hard to adapt a new life. And, all this work takes a lot of energy from your daily activities.

Nausea and Vomiting:

Morning sickness is a good sign of pregnancy, vomiting and nausea is a signal that you are pregnant now. This sign usually affects most of the women and it normally begins around the sixth week of pregnancy. Many doctors believe that this is good for your baby’s development and health. If your morning sickness starts and you are experiencing vomiting and nausea, it means you are pregnant now and don’t be worried, as these signs occurs in approximately every pregnant woman.

Morning Sickness:

When you are pregnant, you will feel morning sickness, tiredness will occur whether you have passed a busy or free past day. You will suffer through the fatigue, lethargy and exhaustion. No matter what is the time or what type of activity you have done, it must happen when you are pregnant. You can handle this situation, but you have to consult with your doctor for these kind of issues.

Sensitive Nipples:

Actually, the changing in hormone levels is the main cause that can make your nipples so much sensitive and you may feel tenderness in the breasts. The hormone level can influence the breast very early and you may have a feeling of fullness quite early on. Sensitive nipples are the Early signs of Pregnancy, it in fact helps to prepare your breasts for the future born baby. So, always pay careful attention to your body and notice the changing.



Repeated Urination:

When a woman gets pregnant, she gets repeated micturition, which is a very early sign of pregnancy. The frequent urination should be an attitude, this is the earliest signs that happen a week to 12 days after a rise in body temperature. It could also be after the six weeks into your first trimester. When a woman is pregnant, so the hormone level and the amount of blood normally increased in the body.  This is the main reason that why a pregnant women have repeated pee. The increasing level of blood leads to a lot of extra fluids flowing through your kidneys, in result, you face repeated micturition.

No Menstrual Period:

Among other pregnancy signs, no menstrual period is one of the most noticeable indication of Pregnancy. But never forget that the expectations are always there, sometimes it is observed that a woman experiencing much lighter menstrual, but she was pregnant. So chances are there, but this process lasts only a day or so. There are some other reasons of a missed period, you may feel stress or anxiety, but if you are frequently regular then it can be a sure sign of pregnancy. You must go to your doctor for further medical care.

Early signs of Pregnancy are the indication that you are pregnant, now go to your doctor and get the most imperative advices to keep yourself and future baby healthy. Eat good food, do exercise and stop alcohol drinking to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy. Pay regular visits to this site for getting more important information.

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